Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions. Further details can be found in the corresponding wiki articles.


The state-service enables a flexible method of using PC pools in the state institutes while simultaneously reducing the maintenance and administration demand on the employees for the computer centers. This is made possible through the virtualization of the educational environment via the use of the institutes' IT infrastructure.
More information can be found under What is bwLehrpool?

Until the end of 2016 there are no costs for support during the roll out process or during operation. After 2016 the running costs will be covered by service contracts distributed across all users. There are usually no special purchases necessary for the integration of bwLehrpool at the academic institutions, as the system can usually be supported by the existing infrastructure.

One central component of bwLehrpool is a server, in the form of a virtual machine. This will require a runtime environment, ideally a VMWare-ESX-Cluster or similar. The client PCs must be capable of booting over PXE. If 64-bit versions of the virtual machines are desired, the PCs will additionally require support of Intel's VT-x or AMD's AMD-V, as appropriate. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about other requirements and configuration steps.

A valid VMware Academic License is necessary in order to legally support the use of the VMware Player. Instructors can download the free VMware Player to create and edit VMs.

bwIDM enables the authentication of users directly at their home institution via the local Identity Provider (IdP). This gives users the opportunity to access the bwLehrpool-Suite and manage virtual machines directl with their institutional account. Additionally, external users can log into and use the pool PCs using bwIDM. You can choose to deactivate this functionality or limit access to specific institutions. bwIDM is not a strict requirement for bwLehrpool - it is also possible to request accounts. To do this the login process for the bwLehrpool-Suite has to be set to “Test-Zugang mit festem Benutzer” (Test access for fixed users).
For more information about bwIDM, please see www.bwidm.de.

We offer templates for the OSes Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and openSUSE as a starting point. These have been prepared to work optimally within the bwLehrpool environment. Of course you can create your own VMs from scratch, please follow the instructions and tips in the article Creating a new VM.

The resolution in Linux VMs will be adjusted automatically via a script. It is recommended to let the script, which uses the command “xrandr –size NxN” and the desired resultion as N pixels, run after boot. As there are many different monitor sizes, the resolution has to be dynamically chosen.
When the VMs is booted inside the poolsystem, the drive /dev/fd1 attached as a pseudofloppy contains scripts in the …/linux subdirectory; for more information refer to the files …/linux/LIESMICH or …/linux/README.

Printers are configured once by the computer center and then build into the bwLehrpool base system. Within the VM these are then addressed as a generic printer (usually “Pool-Drucker” (Pool Printer)) angesprochen. There is nothing that the instructor needs to do to make this available. More information is available in the wiki article Printing in bwLehrpool.

bwEKlausuren (E-Exams)

This issue occurs when the satellite server switches a room with the appropriate exam event into exam mode, but in bwLehrpool-Suite the exam event is blocked from running in this room. Please check the room selection for the event to see if „Veranstaltung ausschließlich in den ausgewählten Räumen anzeigen“ (Only show event in selected rooms) was chosen and if yes, that the necessary exam room is included in the list of choices.


If you would like to use bwIDM, visit the website https://bwlp-masterserver.ruf.uni-freiburg.de/webif. You will be redirected to DFN-AAI; select your home institution from the list and log in with your details. Then you should be able to login to bwLehrpoolSuite.

If you need an account for bwLehrpool-Suite, send an email to bwlehrpool@hs-offenburg.de. Let us know your email address, first and last name and your desired username. You will receive an email when the account has been created for you. If you would like to change your password, log in to the master server. We use Cookies to track sessions, so don't forget to log out as soon as you have changed your password!

Absolutely! Hold down the Ctrl key and select multiple entries, then clock on „Löschen“ (Remove).

Did you create an event containing your VM? Only the Event entry is visible in the pool rooms. Has your event ended or expired? Check the details of your event such as the end date and if necessary reset it.

This is usually caused by a VM that is damaged, missing or unreachable. Please check that the entries for the event are correct and that an available VM is linked. Check in the list of VMs that yours is listed as „Verwendbar“ (Available). This could also be a sign of a network problem - check with your local computer center to see if there is currently a known issue.

Did you deselect the setting in bwLehrpool-Suite to be informed by email? Select this option if you want to receive notifications about important incidents related to your VMs or events.

Did you deselect the setting in bwLehrpool-Suite to be informed by email? Select this option if you want to receive notifications about important incidents related to your VMs or events.

It is possible that your computer center didn't correctly set up the sending of mail on the satellite server. Please check with your local computer center.

Normally, old versions are deleted after 7 days. You can see this in the right side of the detail view of the VM.

Open the detail view of a VM. There you will see the number of events, that reference the VM. Click on “Anzeigen” (Display) to see the events themselves.

Right click on the events and select “Imagedetails anzeigen” (See Image Details).

The log files are located at ~/.config/bwSuite (Linux) or “C:\User\<username>\AppData\Roaming\bwSuite” (Windows) or ~/bwSuite (OS X).

For the first line of support please contact your computer center. If they can't help you contact bwlehrpool@hs-offenburg.de

This is a known problem with Oracle-Java for OSX Version 8 Update 91. Update Java to Version 8 Update 92 or higher.


Some graphic cards/drivers have been known to show this problem with specific versions of VMPlayer. Append the line “mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = TRUE” to the appropriate .vmx file to solve this problem.

Pool PCs

Check and see if the missing image filename matches the name you gave your VM or if it matches the template you used to create your VM. If the latter, check to see if you used Snapshots (for example, VMware Workstation). If so, undo the snapshots so that all changes are included in the vmdk file that you upload.

Satellite server