Virtual learning environments - simple and everywhere

Fast deployment

Fast deployment

Utilizing iPXE-Technology for a seamless network boot. Local installations or time consuming imaging isn’t necessary any more.

Full control

Full control

Management and configuration of poolclients and rooms/groups with an intuitive website. Starting clients with WOL or shutting down in the evening - no problem at all.

Ready for e-exams

Ready for e-exams

Switching between normal lecture mode and a more secured exam-mode for more realistic exams is only a matter of minutes.



Use a client as infoterminal in libraries or a special kiosk-mode for guests. Configuration is just a few clicks ahead.



Virtual learning environments can be cached locally on the clients or on special proxy servers to bypass network bottlenecks.



Clients always boot from a clean, readonly image. Therefore accidental or malicious changes are automatically reset after each boot.


What is bwLehrpool?

Do you know the problem that every pool room offers different software equipment? Computers have to be pre-installed by hand or with hours of imaging? Lecturers need new software packages, additional plugins or admin rights during the semester? You would like to conduct e-exams but have to prepare complex security measures (configure firewall, uninstall possible auxiliary software)? You would like to quickly and easily provide info terminals or kiosk computers e.g. in the library?


Infrastructure for virtual learning environments

If you have already asked yourself one or more of these questions, bwLehrpool could be a solution. Basically, it offers the infrastructure for a simple, flexible as well as low-maintenance operation of pool rooms at colleges and universities.

Lecturers can adapt the software equipment as they wish and at any time in the form of virtual environments. These environments are available in every pool room without delay. In contrast to many other systems, these environments (virtual machines) are not executed on a server, but locally on the pool computers.


Full flexibility, maximum control

Any environment can be used independently of the location

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Via network pool clients start a centrally maintained Linux base system. On the basis of this any learning environment (Windows or Linux) can be used in the form of virtual machines (VM).

Lecturers can create and adapt environments themselves at any time. These are made available in every pool room immediately.


Comprehensive administration interface

Keep track of your clients

Manage pool computers using the administrative web interface. At a glance you can see which computers are currently occupied or which hardware is installed. Start computers with a single click via WakeOnLan or configure when computers should automatically shut down (e.g. in the evening or after a period of inactivity).

Create “rooms” to map your pool landscape and configure all settings globally, per room or even individually per client.


Remote access to pool computers

Provide your students with easy access from home

Share free or unused pool rooms for remote access. With the help of Apache Guacamole, students can access unused pool computers. This makes all teaching environments available to students at home. Since all programs are executed in the pool room within the university, any necessary license server that may be required can be accessed directly.

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