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bwLehrpool via remote access

Please note: Development for remote access to bwLehrpool is ongoing. While the software is currently stable and usable, it is in the beta stage. We are grateful for feedback. Please note the limitations mentioned below.
We offer evaluation accounts for testing the remote solution using the system of Freiburg university. If you are interested in access, please send an email to


Due to the current situation (Corona/Covid crisis) most universities are barred to public access, and their computer pools are closed. Many lecturers are recording their lectures and publishing them to the web. But the students are missing the opportunity to do practical work that was carried out on software provided in computer pools. Installing this software on student's computers is often not possible due to license constraints, missing installation packets, or often just a lack of configuration skills.

As the bwLehrpool client computers are in principle usable, but not physically accessible to students, a possibility was developed to access these unused computers from everywhere via a simple web browser. This was achieved using Apache Guacamole1), which works as a kind of VNC-proxy/gateway. Via this gateway users are connected to pool computers. Display and input works simply per an HTML5-capable web browser, which requires no special hardware or installation of software.



An HTML5-capable browser (e.g. Firefox, Opera, Edge, Chromium or Apple Safari) and a reasonably fast internet connection is needed.

URL, Login, choice of location

The URL needed for accessing bwLehrpool-remote is different for every university. Please ask your local support for the address in your case. Javascript is required; watch out also for javascript-blocking browser extensions like NoScript.

After entering the web adress (URL)

you see in your browser window the login to bwLehrpool-remote analog to the picture at the right. Enter your user credentials and click “Anmelden”.

Login problems can be caused by the web interface differently handling special characters contained in your password. Hint: Enter your password resp. doubtful special characters into the user name box (do not send!).

After Login

you will perhaps find several rooms. There may be a difference in selectable software environments for each room due to bwLehrpool's ability of showing different environments. Remember that if you do not find your accustomed environment; if in doubt ask your lecturer which room you should chose.

Attention: Adjust at this step the dimensions of your browser window to the size you want!

Your display may vary from the adjacent example, as each university/institution offers different rooms.

Freely accessible rooms

Mark the room you want per single left click and press “Weiter”.

Rooms secured by password

Some rooms may be locked by password. In that case mark the room in question, enter the password and click on “Weiter”.

This possibility could be used to restrict access to some software which is severely limited by license agreements.

Choosing the environment

Further operation just as usual - just as if you were locally present in the computer room..


There's a little screencast from user's view (german):

Present limitations and problems

  • If there are no accessible computers at a given time or all readily available computers are already used, new clients will be booted in the background (using WoL). This may take some time.
  • As of now PVS is not usable remotely.
  • At the moment there is no hardware acceleration for graphics cards.