Using Projectors in the Pool Rooms

For correct projector images (avoiding e.g. illegible or fuzzy display, cut off or only partially visible instructor desktops), use the integrated resolution selector in vmChooser (the tool to select events). Projectors will be automatically recognized by the system.

These settings can be selected before choosing an event (See the red labels in the lower middle of the screenshots below):

  • Make sure the projector is turned on before logging in

  • To set the resolution, left click on the pop-up menu.
  • Select the appropriate resolution and activate your choice with the button labeled „Anwenden“.

  • You will be prompted to confirm that the selected resolution works („Do you want to keep this resolution?“).
  • Verify that the projector settings meet your requirements and confirm by clicking the button „Keep“.
  • If the display is not correct, let the timer count down and when the time runs out you can choose another resolution.
A good starting point is 1280×1024. In most cases this will delivery a quality picture. Depending on the projector, you may be able to achieve even better results with higher resolutions.

Recognizing the Projector

Projector Mode is indicated by the fact that after you have successfully logged in, both display devices (Monitor and Projector) display the same picture and additionally the existence of a pop-up menu on the bottom edge of the screen.

So that the Minilinux can activate the correct display mode, all attached display devices (more specifically, the EDID information that they register) will be probed. A projector will be correctly identified and switched to the proper mode in the following cases:

  • Display width is 0cm or
  • Display width is greater than 90cm or
  • Display width is greater than 70cm AND the display width of the second device is less than 55cm

In some cases the projector cannot be automatically identified. In this case you will see the vmChooser on one device and the other device will simply show the bwLehrpool background image. This is often due to an in-line switch box that manipulates the EDID information. Usually these switches can be specially configured, solving this problem.

If this isn't possible, the display device can be explicitly defined as a projector via the web interface of the satellite server. This setting will than override the automatic detection and always treat the device as a projector.

In the web interface, browse to 'Client-Statistiken' and choose the client attached to the projector. The right column displays the information regarding the hardware discovery, including the attached display devices. For example, in the image to the right the device 'EPSON PJ' has been designated as a projector ('Beamer'). This setting will be globally set for all clients, so that all devices with this name will now be identified as projectors.