Hardware Requirements - Client

We recommend the following hardware configuration for client computers when using bwLehrpool.

CPU RAM Hard drive Network Adapter Graphics card
Minimal 64bit CPU1) 2-4 GB2) none 100 MBit/s3) any
Recommended Dual-64bit-CPU with Intel VT-x or AMD-V4) for 64bit Guest support 4-8 GB Partition ID445) with 20-50 GB 1 GBit/s6) Intel i915 or comparable7)
Optimal Multicore-64bit-CPU mit Intel VT-x or AMD-V 8-16 GB Partition ID44 with 50+ GB8) 1-10 GBit/s9) High grade AMD- or NVidia-Grafic card10)
Feel free to mix and match between “minimal”, “recommended” and “optimal” as necessary. GPT Partitions labeled “OpenSLX-ID44” have been recognized as temporary Partitions since release version 14.
Not all 64bit processors support 64bit guest systems; verify features.
Windows guests require a minimum of 4 GB, as long as no ID44 partition is available.
Acc. to benchmarks surprisingly quick (i.e., not as slow as feared. YMMV.)
If available, this setting must be enabled in the CMOS (BIOS) of the host computer.
This partition will automatically be addressed as tmp filesystem and mounted under /tmp in the base system. This refers specifically to a MBR partition with the hex ID 0x44 or a GPT partition with the lable “OpenSLX-ID44” (more information here)
1 GBit/s Backbone ↔ Switch; 1 GBit/s from Switch to the individualclients. 10 GBit/s to the Switch are recommended.
Standard graphic chipset without any specific features, but with native 3D capability.
In the “worst” case a partition is required which is at least as big as the virtual HDD of the running VM; for this reason, it is recommended to keep the virtual HDDs of the VMs as small as possible. In normal use cases 30 - 40 GB is enough.
~10 GBit/s Backbone ↔ Switch; 1 GBit/s to the individual clients.
Please provide the PCI ID of the chip set to the bwLehrpool-Team so that any necessary (proprietary) 3D drivers can be linked in.