Public Virtual Machines

bwLehrpool offers the possibility of publishing public VMs centrally. Public VMs will be stored centrally on the bwLehrpool Master Server at the University of Freiburg and can then be downloaded to the site-specific satellite server or locally by users.

Available public VMs

To the public VMs (Button marked by green circle)

The access to the public VMs can be found in the section “Übersicht Virtuelle Maschinen” (Overview of VMs): Click on the button “Öffentliche VMs” (public VMs) circled in green in the image to the right.

Download public VMs

Downloading a public VM

When you click the button highlighted above, a window labelled “Öffentliche VMs” (public VMs) will open. This will provide a list of the currently available public VMs. Double click on a VM to display the information describing it. Single click to enable the two Download icons below the list.

There are two options to download:

  • If you want to edit the VM locally, click “Herunterladen” (Download). This will save the VM to your computer.
  • If you want to save an exact copy of the VM to your local Satellite Server, it is not necessary (although of course possible) to save the image locally first. In this case simply click “Auf Satellit herunterladen” (Save to satellite server); the VM will then be copied directly to the satellite server. The upload/download progress bar will then be labelled “Transfer zwischen Master-Server und Satellitenserver” (Transfer between master server and satellite server).

Uploading a public VM

VM-Details: Button to upload a public VM highlighted

If you want to upload your VM and make it public, switch to the detail view for the selected VM (you can see the detail view by double clicking the VM or selecting it and then choosing “Bearbeiten” (Edit)). There you will find - as indicated by the green circle in the image to the right - a button labelled “Landesweit veröffentlichen” (Publish state-wide). If you agree to the security question “Wollen Sie diese VM wirklich landesweit veröffentlichen?” (Are you sure you want this VM to be visible state-wide?) the upload to the master server will begin, and (once it is indexed) it will be available publicly.

Please make sure that you comply with any software license limits and that there is no sensitive data in the VM that you are about to publish.

Thank you for sharing your virtual machine! The bwLehrpool projekt team hopes that this method will save everyone unnecessary work and duplication, so that the institutions involved can help each other with their program- or installation-specific knowledge.