Templates for own Virtual Machines

The current VM templates can be found within the bwLehrpool-Suite under 'Öffentliche VMs'. These are available statewide for all institutions participating in bwLehrpool. You can either download the desired VMs directly to your local machine and edit them locally, or you can load the desired VM without going to your home satellite server.

Please note that software may be included which requires a license. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are usually covered by their corresponding state licenses. If necessary, contact your license administrator directly.

The operating systems Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, as well as openSUSE 13.2, are available in 64-bit. For older hardware that does not support 64-bit, we also offer a template with 32-bit Windows 7. All VMs are specially prepared for use in bwLehrpool (group policies, registry entries, pool printers, etc.).

The templates come in two variants:

  • The basic VMs contain a clean, up-to-date Windows without any special additional software.
  • The standard VMs come Firefox, MS-Office, LibreOffice, Adobe Reader, Notepad++, VLC, Paint.Net, Gimp, Filezilla and 7-Zip installed.

There are two users with password.

Username Password
root alleswirdgut
student student1)

Standard Sizes of the Virtual Machines

We recommend the following standard sizes when installing or modifying virtual machines yourself, in order to save computer resources:

Windows virt. disk temp. file system (ID44) RAM
Windows minimal 15-25 GB 25 GB 4-8 GB
Windows template 20-35 GB 40-50 GB 8 GB
Windows with extensive program packages 30-50GB to 100 GB 8-16 GB
Linux virt. disk temp. file system (ID44) RAM
Linux, minimal/minimal graphics (X+Icewm or similar) 5-10 GB 25 GB 2-4 GB
Linux, graphical (X+KDE or similar) 10-25 GB 25 GB 4-8 GB
Linux templates 20-30 gb 40-50 GB 4-8 GB
Linux with extensive program packages 20-30 GB 40-50 GB 8-16 GB
Note: In some older VMs it is 'labor'